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Trash Mouth Productions
The Murder on Cape Melancholy Pilot Trailer

The Murder on Cape Melancholy Pilot Trailer

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Love Struck TV

Love Struck TV

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So Alone  - Psychic Death [Official Music Video]

So Alone - Psychic Death [Official Music Video]

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LoveStruck - A Trash Mouth Production
The Murder on Cape Melancholy - A Trash Mouth Production
Featured Work
Renegade Film Fest
Cat Fly Laurel
Dark Red Horror FF Laurel
Atlanta Short Fest
Indie Showcase Laurel
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The Ingredients to a Quality Production Company
Trashee Skull - Trash Mouth Productions

Trash Mouth Productions, LLC is a South East Based multi-media, creative outlet focusing on narrative storytelling, commercial production, feature films, proof of concept, and the "outlandish". TMP is an Atlanta based company that strives for the utmost in quality content and specializes in bringing excitement to the mundane through innovation and artistry. "We're not trying to reinvent the wheel, just make it more exciting on every roll!" 

We are Trash Mouth Productions!

zach echols

Zachary Echols has always been a storyteller. His eye for cinematic quality and vibrancy is unmatched. He comes from a background in social media marketing and Set Lighting so he will light up your project like he lights up everyone he meets in life. He is driven to tell the best stories he possibly can. 

Edi Tingle - Trash Mouth Productions

edi tingle

Edi Tingle is a real life cartoon character that hails from the town of Portland, Maine, USA. She has been working in the film industry for over ten years and wouldn’t have it any other way. She got her start in theatre but has really hit stride in the film world. Her technicolor attitude will light up a room and your upcoming project.

tylere brown

Tylere V. Brown has an eye for the shot; always has, always will. He grew up playing outside and hasn’t lost his sense of childlike wonder and imagination. He graduated from The University of North Georgia with  a degree in film and digital media. He comes from a combined background of camera and grip and electric garnering a very unique sense of vision and timing.

Christian Blaque Meier - Trash Mouth Production

christian meier

Christian Blaque hails from the mountains of North Georgia. He’s been in the film industry for over 13 years and nothing can stop him. He spins stories of all kinds from the creative mind of his. Not to mention he is also an accomplished actor. This Curly Haired Crusader truly is a unicorn in the best possible way.

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