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Christian Blaque Meier

Writer, Director, Actor, Producer

Christian Blaque Meier

about me

Christian Blaque Meier is a filmmaker based in Atlanta, Ga, with over a decade of experience in producing, writing, and acting. His career is defined by a commitment to delivering high-quality content and collaborating effectively with talented professionals. He has honed expertise in story development, creative producing, and production management.

His acting credits span stage productions, film, and television, including notable roles in Hulu’s "Single Drunk Female" and Peacock’s "Happiness Playbook". Christian has written and produced narrative works such as the feature film “Dementophobia” and made his directorial debut with "The Murder on Cape Melancholy", which garnered acclaim at the Atlanta Film Fest, earning an encore screening on the festival's final night. His narratives blend humor and depth, resonating across diverse genres and inviting audiences to explore the complexities of the human experience. Christian remains dedicated to crafting meaningful stories that connect with audiences, driven by his passion for the art of filmmaking.

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